Our banking and financial services team has the experience and knowledge needed to advise local and foreign entities – both in the public and private sectors, as well as in the financial or real sector of the economy – on any type of regulatory matter before the Colombian authorities and financing transactions; including syndicated loans, structured financing, project finance, asset backed financing and implementation of collateral models.

We have provided assistance to clients in transactions that have been a milestone for our country and for the development of the financing practice in Colombia.

Portfolio of services
Local and international credits
  • Structuring of local and cross-border transactions.
  • Preparation of relevant credit documents.
  • Structuring, implementation and guarantee registration.
  • Issuance of legal opinions.
  • Debt restructuration and renegotiation.
Project finance
  • Comprehensive structuring of projects.
  • Implementation of various funding schemes.
  • Review of bankability of underlying agreements.
  • Design of guarantee schemes and payments cascade.
  • Negotiation of transaction agreements.
Aircraft funding
  • Aircraft leasing, insurance, reinsurance and mortgage agreements.
  • Advice on the aeronautical regulatory regime and the Cape Town Convention.
  • Legal opinions and briefs.
  • Visits and procedures before aeronautical authorities.
  • Registration of transaction agreements in the aeronautical registry.
Regulatory issues and proceedings before the Finance Superintendence
  • Preparation of briefs and opinions.
  • Doubts on financial regulatory matters.
  • Incorporation of supervised entities.
  • Accompaniment before government authorities.
  • Comprehensive advice for representative offices.
Financial due diligence
  • Review of financial documents.
  • Guarantee documents review.
  • Active and passive credit operations review.
  • Implementation of guarantees on first demand.
  • Implementation of commercial and stand-by letters of credit.
  • Implementation of guarantees under the URDG rules of the ICC.



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