The team focuses on advising clients on domestic and foreign recruitment, management of individual and collective relations, the implications of executing employment contracts in Colombia and adoption of labor policies, among other services. In addition to regular advice in day-to-day requirements, our team accompanies clients in disciplinary investigations and procedures, in negotiations for terminations of employment contracts, redundancies and massive layoffs, voluntary retirement plans, restructuring processes, labor harassment cases, as well as in the design, implementation or modification of benefit plans.

Our team also has broad experience in representing clients before labor courts and administrative authorities, executes conciliation agreements at the Ministry of Labor, advises and represents companies and individuals before the Pensions and Contributions Management Unit (UGPP for its acronym in Spanish). In social security matters, our team advises affiliates in pension recognition (old age and disability) and represents them before the competent authorities for correction and/or re-liquidation of pensions. We advise companies with pension obligations in procedures to normalize pension liabilities; we accompany clients in claims before the health system for economic benefits; and we advise clients in accompanying its employees in qualification procedures (loss of work capacity and origin of illnesses or accidents). The team has certified professionals for the implementation of Management Systems of Safety and Health in the Workplace (SG-SST for its acronym in Spanish). 

The team has broad experience advising national and foreign companies in the referred labor and social security matters. We have the privilege of being the only Colombian member of the international alliance Ius Laboris, the main network specialized in labor law, advising clients of different economic sectors. 

Portfolio of Services
Individual law
  • Hiring of national or foreign staff by national or foreign employers in Colombia.
  • Labor regulations and policies.
  • Outsourcing contracting schemes, temporary services of associated employment cooperatives and independent contractors.
Collective law
  • Providing advice on managing collective relations.
  • Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and conventions.
Social security
  • Planning of compensation benefits for employees.
  • Structuring and implementation of voluntary retirement plans.
  • Answering inquiries.
Litigation and administrative procedures
  • Representation in administrative procedures nationwide.  
  • Legal representation before the Ordinary Labor Courts nationwide.
  • Entering into voluntary conciliations before the Ministry of Social Protection or Labor Courts.
  • Administrative proceedings before competent authorities.
  • Compensation schemes for all employee levels.
Labor due diligence
  • Compliance with labor and social security regulations and obligations.




Legal Bulletin 37

20 of September