Our team comprises expert lawyers in legal matters linked to sport, and gambling and betting´s industry in Colombia.

Our portfolio of services includes the legal integral assistance on all fields of law related to sport, and games’ modalities based on the experience of our professionals assisting local and foreign clients on legal and regulatory matters, which may arise in the rendering of their services in Colombia.

Likewise, our lawyers have the experience and academic background needed to comprehend the business and provide legal representation to our clients within any dispute which may arise during the rendering of services before either judicial, administrative, or arbitration courts and tribunals.

Thanks to our experience advising foreign clients in these industries, we offer unparalleled service legally assisting international companies interested in making Colombian market access to either conduct businesses or to develop their commercial activity within the sport, and gambling and betting´s industries pursuant to legal, and regulatory frameworks.   

We offer a high-level legal assistance to our clients in their internal management and relationship with local authorities which allows them to satisfactory develop their activity in accordance with legal and regulatory local obligations. 

Transfer and Hiring
  • Legal feasibility.
  • Judicial processes.
  • Disputes before sporting entities.
  • Sancionatory processes before Coljuegos.
  • Arbitral disputes.
National and International Litigation
  • Legal feasibility.
  • Sport labor claims.
  • Arbitral disputes.
Sports Assets
  • Media y software.
  • Intelectual property.
  • External investment.
Athlete Welfare
  • Tax.
  • Labor.
  • Migration.
  • Corporate.
  • Other issues.
  • General services in sport.
  • Teams and players.
  • Tournaments and events.
International Sport Clubs Mandate
  • Contracts.
  • Litigation.
  • Clubs and authorities.
Institutional Resurgence
  • Business independent examination.
  • Governance.
  • Maximizing of the market value.
  • Assurance of the financial integrity.
General Legal Advice in Sports Law
Asuntos Institucionales
  • Sporting entities.
  • Casinos - online Casinos.
  • Non-profit entities.
  • Academies.
  • Suppliers for Casinos.
  • Torunaments and events. 
Gambling and Betting
  • Legal feasibility.
  • Localized games.
  • Novel games.
  • Promotional games.



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