Brigard Urrutia is one of the most prestigious full-service law firms in Latin America and is Colombia’s leading firm in Capital Markets and Private Equity with the largest team of attorneys dedicated exclusively to Capital Markets and Private Equity activities. 

The Capital Markets and Private Equity Team provides advice to all types of local and foreign investors, family offices, general partners, and investment advisers in all business law areas related to fund formation and fundraising, as well as to the investment and divestment of collective investment funds’ assets under management (mergers and acquisitions, and financing structures). Due to our extensive experience and knowledge of the financial and capital markets regulations, we also provide assistance in the promotion of foreign financial and capital markets-related products and services in Colombia and to Colombian residents.

We represent local and foreign issuers, institutional investors, brokers, investment banks, financial institutions, governments and supranational organizations in the issuance of equity and debt securities, corporate bonds, sovereign bonds, structured and subordinated notes, ADRs and GDRs and participation units of private equity funds, ETFs and REITs.

Throughout our history, we have had the opportunity of witnessing and contributing to the development of the Colombian economy by advising our clients on groundbreaking, landmark transactions. We have also pioneered in the capital markets realm by designing legal structures to enable our clients to achieve their goals.

Portfolio of Services
Investment portfolios
  • Private equity and venture capital funds.
  • Real estate investment funds - REITS.
  • Fundraising for private equity funds, mutual funds, fund of funds (fundraising).
  • Collective portfolio.
  • Implementation, listing and promotion of Exchange Traded Funds - ETFs.
  • Local issuance of securities, including public and private placement of shares, public and private debt bonds, and structured and subordinated notes. 
  • Local issuance of securities by foreign issuers.
  • International issuance of securities by local issuers, including American Depositary Receipts, and issuances recorded under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
  • Securitizations.
Securities offering and foreign financial services in Colombia
  • Providing advice regarding the authorization procedure and subsequent compliance with regulatory obligations of representative offices and correspondent agreements.
Stock exchange mergers and acquisitions
  • Legal Structuring of Takeover Bids (OPA), public offerings for democratization and Auctions.
  • Advice on conducting operations on fixed-rate and variable-rate securities in the Secondary Market.
  • Providing advice on corporate reorganizations procedures of securities issuers.
  • Structuring of investments and exit strategies for Private Equity Funds.
Regulatory affairs
  • Providing advice related to intermediation activities in the stock market.
  • Providing advice regarding the registration of securities in local or foreign securities trading systems - MILA and Colombian Global Market.
  • Providing advice related to the registration of foreign securities in the local market.
  • Providing advice related to the formation of liquidity in the stock market.
  • Responsibility of managers, management of privileged information, publication of relevant information and management of issuers of the stock market.
  • Providing advice on the incorporation and reorganization of entities supervised by the Finance Superintendence of Colombia.
Corporate governance
  • Providing advice for potential issuers of securities in the implementation of good corporate governance practices.
  • Development of Codes of Good Corporate Governance and other related corporate documents.
  • Providing advice regarding administrative restructuring.
  • Providing advice for directors and managers on the management of securities issuing companies.



Capital Markets, Securities and Private Equity
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Capital Markets, Securities and Private Equity
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