We provide public law services, including matters related with public procurement, administrative law, constitutional law, public finance, project structuring, fiscal liability, disciplinary liability, regulatory and/or normative projects, administrative reforms and other aspects derived from the relationship between government agencies and individuals. 

Our team has broad experience and relevant studies in several fields related to public law, providing integral solutions to the most complex needs that State-owned, mixed, and commercial enterprises have amid the public interest projects that they manage. The interaction between public policies, stakeholders and our backgrounds in public law matters allows our team to provide a legal and strategic top advice.

Public law general legal advice
  • Specialized public law advice.
  • Drafting of legal opinions.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Regulatory review.
  • Handbooks review.
  • Drafting and/or response to petitions.
  • Drafting of administrative acts.
  • Among other day to day public law matters.
Project structuring
  • Definition of the project's legal framework and advice on its risk allocation.
  • Recommendations regarding regulatory matters.
  • Project structuring and/or legal review of projects in their pre-feasibility stage.
  • Project structuring and/or legal review of projects in their feasibility stage.
  • Drafting of preliminary studies, terms of reference, contracts and their annexes.
  • Assisting government agencies during the course of procurement procedures (answering requests for clarification, evaluation reports, etc).
Legal supervision
  • Legal assistance.
  • Drafting of legal opinions on the fulfilment or not of certain contractual obligations. 
  • Specialized advice on amendments, minutes, communications and any other usual contractual management activities. 
  • Drafting of administrative acts (exercise of exceptional clauses, imposition of fines, etc.). 
  • Review of insurance policies and other guarantees.
  • Legal supervision.
Disputes on behalf of public entities
  • Legal defense and administrative, judicial and/or extra-judicial representation.
  • Review, development and submission of oral and written allegations, and other relevant legal actions.
  • Assistance and representation in national and international arbitrations.
  • Management and resolution of disputes through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as conciliation, mediations, among others.
  • Advice and representation in the termination of contractual relations and other disputes.
  • Representation in the course of constitutional actions (constitutional actions for the protection of fundamental rights, popular actions, etc).
Fiscal liability
  • Assistance in the inquiries and/or requirements made by the General Comptroller or other fiscal watchdogs.
  • Representation in the course of fiscal responsibility cases.
  • Legal analysis on the possibility that a given action, operation, transaction and/or structure may generate damage to the State's assets.
  • Review of the regulatory and/or contractual structures that allow a clear exercise of the fiscal management and the delimitation of its subsequent liabilities. 
  • Representation in legal actions against fiscal rulings.
Disciplinary liability
  • Complete assistance in the investigations and/or requests made by the Attorney General's Office or other officials with disciplinary powers. 
  • Representation and advocacy during disciplinary liability proceedings. 
  • Legal analysis on the possibility that a certain action, transaction and/or scheme may lead to disciplinary liability.
  • Review of regulatory and/or contractual structures that allow for the delimitation of disciplinary liabilities.
  • Representation in legal actions against disciplinary rulings.
Normative projects
  • Drafting of normative projects (general administrative acts, regulations, etc.). 
  • Review of draft regulations with the respective stakeholders involved therein. 
  • Evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of regulatory projects from the perspective of their judicial review. 
  • Review of backgrounds and/or national or international experiences in similar regulatory projects.
  • Assistance in the management and promotion of regulatory projects.
Administrative reforms and organization
  • Legal advice on issues related to the structure of the public administration. 
  • Drafting of administrative acts related to the implementation of administrative reforms.
  • Legal risk analysis regarding organizational matters and/or administrative reforms.
  • Legal advice with respect to privatizations to be implemented in the public sector. 
Constitutional law
  • Review of the constitutionality of rules or draft regulations. 
  • Assistance and/or representation in the framework of public actions of unconstitutionality.
  • Assistance with respect to constitutional actions (constitutional actions for the protection of fundamental rights, etc.).
  • Representation for safeguarding the rights subject to a special constitutional protection.