Our team integrates the knowledge and experience of an unrivalled multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in the legal, technical and social aspects of projects, business and sustainable investments.

We offer our clients a comprehensive portfolio of services aimed at providing strategic advice to structure, operate, monitor and dismantle projects in a sustainable sound manner, including the analysis of the applicable environmental tax efficiencies.

Our practice has extensive experience in drafting projects of bills, obtaining environmental administrative authorizations before the competent authorities, representing clients before administrative and judicial authorities, as well as providing technical-environmental advice.

We are the only law firm that applies a risk management vision through unique diagnostic and assessment methodologies that allow us to identify and evaluate the socio-environmental risks of projects and define measures for the mitigation, control and compensation of impacts.

We successfully integrate the variable of social project management into our vision, whilst promoting the development of green and sustainable business within the framework of green and climatically-driven growth.

Portfolio of Services
Environmental Technical Advice
  • Environmental plans and studies.
  • Technical environmental audits.
  • Economic estimation of environmental fines and penalties.
  • Advice on technical management of projects.
  • Mapping of socio-environmental restrictions of the territory.
Social Management Of Projects
  • Previous consultations and socialization of projects.
  • Social Baselines and risk mapping.
  • Social compensation plans and Programs.
  • Advice to comply with supra-legal standards (IFC, Equator Principles, etc).
  • Social investment portfolios, including monitoring and measurement.
  • Advice on strategic relationship with communities.
Environmental Legal Advice
  • Environmental regulatory advice on Colombian and international environmental law
  • Environmental due diligence and environmental auditing
  • Advice to obtain permits and licenses before administrative environmental authorities of the national, regional and local levels.
  • Environmental litigation
  • Environmental tax reliefs.
  • Training and courses
Green Business
  • Advice on sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Advice on impact investment portfolios and projects.
  • Advice on payment of ecosystem services schemes and green business.
  • Advice on GHE compensation projects.
  • Advice on the drafting and/or reinforcement of the company’s sustainability plans.
  • Drafting, update and/or reinforcement of plans for the integral management of solid waste.  
  • Environmental audits: internal and external for companies that are responsible for handling solid waste.  
  • Training and courses regarding the integral management of solid waste. 



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