The development of a business must consider the legal and commercial requirements from the point of view of consumer protection. From its inception and during its existence, through the activation of defense or settlement mechanisms when a discrepancy arises with the consumer.


Colombian legislation is increasingly strict in terms of consumer protection, so it is advisable that those who offer products and services have legal advice that allows them to exercise their activities confident of the fulfillment of the applicable legislation.

The main objective of this area is to advise and defend the providers of services and goods before the consumer protection authorities. The advice we provide allows us to establish a diagnosis on the activities oriented to the commercialization of their products or services that are framed in a consumer relationship. As well as an analysis of what has already been done, which allows us to establish step plan to comply with the Consumer Statute and its complementary rules.

  • Diagnosis and complete analysis of the relationship with the client, to identify possible contingencies and opportunities for improvement.
  • Regulatory update on the Consumer Statute
  • Training on the current consumer protection regime to the areas of the company.
  • Advice on compliance with current regulations.
  • Defense in consumer protection actions.
  • Attention to consumer petitions and communications. 
  • Drafting of warranty clauses and general conditions.
  • Advertising and consumer information.
  • Advice and defense in administrative proceedings before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.
  • Advice and legal assistance in recall procedures.