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Diana Karina Angarita Castro

Contact information
3462011 Ext. 8240
Admitted to practice law in

Lawyer graduated from the Industrial University of Santander, specialist in Administrative Law from the Universidad del Rosario, expert in state contracting and its management, with more than 15 years in the management of infrastructure projects performing her legal leadership from the different roles (Ordinator of payments, Contractor, auditor, Consultant). Since April 2022, she joined the Consultancy of which Brigard Urrutia is a part in the accompaniment of the EAAB for the receipt of the Salitre Phase II WWTP and since September 2022 she has been linked to the Infrastructure Team and Public Services of BU where he has accompanied the structuring of different projects as well as the monitoring of contractual execution


Legal leadership of the NHB Consortium who acts as a consultant to the EAAB in the process of receiving and operating the PTAR Salitre Fase II.

Educational Background

"Universidad Industrial de Santander - Abogada - 2005
Universidad del Rosario - Especialista en Derecho Administrativo - 2012"