The Ministry of Work issues Resolution 853 of 2020 setting measures for the recognition of the benefits related to the Unemployed Protection Mechanism established in Decree 488 of 2020.
Medidas para la operación del Mecanismo de Protección al Cesante

As per Article 6 of Decree 488 of 2020, unemployed people who apply during the Economic, Social and Ecological Emergency, will be entitled to the following benefits, subject to budget constraints:  

a.    Contributions to the Social Security System in Health and Pensions, calculated on a legal monthly minimum wage. 

Higher contributions can be made by the unemployed with his or her financial resources.  

b.    Access to the family allowance fee under the conditions established by current applicable law. 

c.    A transfer of two minimum monthly wages divided into three equal monthly instalments, according to the needs and consumption priorities of each beneficiary. 

People who are currently receiving the benefits of the Unemployed Protection Mechanism from the Family Compensation Fund will continue to receive the benefits established in Law 1636 of 2013. 

Requirements for entitlement to the economic benefit

To be entitled to the economic benefit, unemployed people must submit the following documentation to the last Family Compensation Fund where they were affiliated:

1.    Certificate on termination of employment agreement for employees or lack of income for contractors
2.    Fill out electronically the Application Form for the Unemployed Protection Mechanism 

The family Compensation Fund will review the contribution requirement, as well as the applicant category in a term up to 3 working days.  

During the Emergency, for the payment of the family allowance fee the unemployed beneficiary must not provide the study certificates. 

 Benefits loss 

Unemployed people receiving the Unemployed Protection Mechanism ‘benefits will lose them in the following events: 

1.    Due to recognition of retirement, invalidity or survivors’ pension. 
2.    If they have a formal income source or perform a formal remunerated activity. In this case, the person must inform the Family Compensation Fund about this situation. Lack of compliance will lead to the reimbursement of all payments made, in addition to the criminal and civil liability arising from it.
3.    Due to the benefits´ waive. 
4.    Due to unjustified rejection of a position offered by the Public Employment Service, if it allows the person to earn a remuneration equal to or greater than 80% of the last compensation accrued, and conditions of former employment are not diminished. 
5.    In case the benefits are recognized through fraud or simulation.

These benefits apply to unemployed workers or contractors who comply with the following: 

1.    They are contributing members in category A and B 
2.    They are not currently receiving a retirement, invalidity or survivors’ pension
3.    They have made contributions to a Family Compensation Fund for a continuous of discontinuous year during the last 5 years

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