Clean Energy Tool

Our international business partner Simmons & Simmons has developed an online Clean Energy Tool to provide information to international investors and stakeholders regarding the development of renewable energy projects and clean energy solutions. This tool allows investors, international organisations, financing institutions, think tanks and other stakeholders to access detailed information in a format that supports easy comparisons across multiple jurisdictions. 

As the renewable energy market rapidly expands, it is more important than ever for those engaging in this sector to understand and stay abreast of new and amended laws and regulations. In this context, the Clean Energy Tool is a formidable resource for investors and market players. It provides the key information needed to support decisions on clean energy infrastructure projects. The material is trustworthy, consistent and regularly updated. It is also expanding to cover more jurisdictions (currently 40).

Brigard Urrutia has worked with Simmons & Simmons to develop the Colombian sections of this tool across a range of areas. These include laws, regulations and processes concerning power grids, land rights, revenue streams and dispute resolution. Energy transition and renewable energy have been at the centre of public policy in Colombia for some time and investment interests are expanding accordingly. Our deep industry knowledge, high quality advice and experience, provides a real advantage to parties that are interested in renewable energy projects and clean energy solutions in Colombia.

Learn more about Simmons & Simmons Clean Energy Tool and request a demo and/or free trial .

We thank Simmons & Simmons and our Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency industry practice for their contribution to the development of the Colombian sections.

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