May 26th, 2020

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection issued Resolution 773 adopting the biosecurity protocol for the prevention of transmission of COVID-19 in the livestock sector, specifically for poultry, pig, cattle, equine, aquaculture farms, and fishing farming, and farms producing small species, and companies that produce, import, store, prepare, and commercialize livestock supplies.

This protocol is complementary to the general biosecurity protocol adopted through Resolution 666 of 2020, as well as to the measures deemed necessary by those responsible for each farm. 

The biosecurity protocol adopted for this sector includes the following measures: 

1.    General biosecurity measures established in resolution 666 of 2020 
2.    Special measures for the livestock sector 
  2.1.    Livestock farms measures 
   2.1.1.    Occupational risk management 
   2.1.2.    Biosecurity in livestock farms 
   2.1.3.    Communications mechanisms
   2.1.4.    Biosecurity recommendations for work organization
3.    Biosecurity measures for suppliers and collectors of livestock production and its by-products
4.    Restrictions on access to farms for livestock activities
5.    Preventive measures for using tools, machinery, and equipment
6.    Preventive measures when the transportation of employees or producers is provided by the employer or contractor
7.    Management of products or substances such as cleaners and disinfectants
8.    Measures within the premises when the employee has symptoms of COVID-19
9.    Biosecurity for the entrance of veterinarians, zootechnicians veterinarians or zootechnologists from the official and private sector, independent to livestock farms
10.    Biosecurity protocol for companies that produce, import, store, prepare and commercialize livestock supplies
  10.1.    Measures aimed at promoting social distancing
  10.2.    Locative measures
  10.3.    Work organization alternatives
  10.4.    Communications plan with employees, suppliers, customers, and allies
  10.5.    Maintenance and disinfection
  10.6.    Prevention and management of risk situations of contagion
  10.7.    Measures before a positive case of COVID-19

Monitoring of compliance with this protocol is in charge of the municipality or district where the different steps of the production and logistic chain of the livestock sector are authorized and the Colombian Agriculture Institute (ICA for its acronym in Spanish), according to its inspection, surveillance and control duties. This, regardless the surveillance conducted by the Ministry of Work regarding compliance with obligations by employers or by any another authority in the executions of its duties. 

Resolution 773 of 2020



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