Reforma Salud

The first party to withdraw its support to Bill 339 of 2023, was the Liberal Party, as it did not reach agreements on some of its red lines, such as te non-elimination of the EPS. Subsequently on March 29, the Conservative Party and that of the U withdrew their support for this project. The situation arose because the same day the parties received the final text of the reform, which had not included the articles proposed during the negotiation meetings with the government that took place for the last three weeks.


In addition, the president of the U party announced that they will present an alternative bill which include the proposal that were agreed with other parties, as well the Liberal party did a week ago.


With the loss of support from the three parties, the reform proposed by the government would lose the majority of the votes in the Seventh Commission of the House of Representatives:

Comisión Septima Cámara Reforma Salud

Four counter-reforms were presented

It should be remembered that 4 counter-reforms to the one proposed by the National Government were presented in the House of Representatives, which are:




Pertenencia partidista de los autores


340 de 2023

Centro democrático


341 de 2023

Centro democrático y cambio radical


344 de 2023

Centro democrático y cambio radical

346 de 2023

Cambio radical

Accumulation of projects

Additionally, the president of the Seventh Commission of the House of Representatives, Agmeth Escaf, announced that the bills that have been presented so far will be accumulated and debated together, except project 346, since it is the only one presented as statutory.


Alternatives proposals 

Fedesarrollo, a colombia think tank, published a study on the Colombian Health System over the past 30 years, and concluded that some notable goals have been achieved, such as universal coverage, protection of family finances, and expansion of benefits to most of the medical procedure and medications, allowing consolidation of right to health. This report showed the main problems of the health system and gave some proposals to improve it that should aim to face the three causes: 

  1. Access and opportunity
  2. Finance sustainability
  3. Governance and institutional structure
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