July 2nd, 2020

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection issued Resolution 1054 of 2020, through which it adopted the biosafety protocol for the airport and aeronautical sector of the national territory, specifically for the domestic transport of people through air.

Therefore, it was determined:

  1. To adopt the biosafety protocol contained in the annex of Resolution 1054 of 2020 as a complement to Resolution 666 of 24 April 2020 and other measures adopted for each of the sectors. 
  2. Compliance should be monitored by the municipal or district health secretariat or body of the municipality or district in which each airport operates.
  3. The resolution should be effective from the date of its publication. 

See the full text of Resolution 1054 of 2020 and refer to the Annex with the development of the adopted biosafety protocol. 

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