May 26, 2020

The Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), through Resolution 64827 ordered the total suspension of the terms of some administrative and jurisdictional actions or procedures under its charge, during the State of Economic, Social and Ecological Emergency.

Resolution 67868 lifted the total suspension of the terms of the administrative sanctioning proceedings, as of 18 May 2020, regarding citations and notifications by notice given in the framework of the First (I) Cycle of Vaccination of the year 2020 against foot and mouth disease. The terms for appearing for the notification process shall only begin to run from the business day following the lifting of the suspension of terms in each ICA Sectional Management. 

Additionally, the ICA Sectional Managers, who are located in the territories that have lifted the mandatory preventive isolation, are authorized to order the total or partial lifting of the suspension of terms ordered in Resolution number 064827 of April 1, 2020, regarding the actions of the administrative sanctioning processes under their charge.

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