July 23, 2020

By means of Circular 2020-80-DMI-1000, the Ministry of the Interior (Ministerio del Interior) and the Ministry of Transport (Ministerio de Transporte) issued guidelines for the Governors and Mayors of territorial entities in Colombia for the provision of public land transport services in the national territory.

These guidelines include:

  1. The public land transport service will continue to be provided in compliance with biosafety protocols, especially that established in Resolution 677 of 2020 of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection (Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social).
  2. The transit authorities and agencies, as well as the territorial transport authorities, shall respond to the requests made by the legally authorized public service companies to guarantee the public land transport service.

Local authorities should ensure compliance with biosecurity protocols by public transport companies.

Joint Circular 2020-80-DMI-1000 of 2020



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