June 5th, 2020
Superintendence of Companies

It is essential that certain activities continue to be carried out virtually. The following measures must be adapted:

1.    Resumption of terms for filing the reorganization agreement and other jurisdictional proceedings. 

1.1.    Resume from June 2, 2020 the terms for (i) the presentation of the reorganization and award agreements, in the terms of Articles 31, 37 and 57 and (ii) the updating of the rating and grading of credits and voting rights, the management of the negotiation of the possible alternative solutions to the non-compliance with the agreements and the presentation of the result of the proceedings to the Judge of the Contest, under the terms of Article 46, all of them from Law 1116 of 2006, which were suspended by Article 4 of Resolution 100-001101 of March 31, 2020, by which measures were issued and adopted to guarantee the attention and provision of services by the Superintendence of Corporation, within the framework of the State of Economic, Social and Ecological Emergency and Mandatory Preventive Isolation. 
2.    Suspension of terms for disciplinary proceedings. 

2.1.    The terms of the disciplinary proceedings currently underway in the first and second instances continue to be suspended while the Mandatory Preventive Isolation is in force. 

3.    Adoption of measures by immediate superiors. 

3.1.    The immediate superiors in each unit shall take the necessary measures to comply with the provisions contained herein and shall coordinate with the servants in their charge.  

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