April 24th, 2020

The Public Utilities Superintendence submitted to the CREG concerns provided by public utility providers with respect to the provisions of Resolution 058 of 2020. In this regard, the main concern was that both workers in charge of measurement and users have shown reticence regarding the performing of consumptions measurements due to the high possibility of COVID 19 infection. 

On the other hand, CREG pointed out that it was necessary to clarify specific aspects regarding the rate of the credits that the marketer acquires for financing, so that it takes into account the mechanism that the National Government provides, so that the rate that is transferred to the end user does not exceed a rate equivalent to the inflation rate, as well as other mechanisms that may be offered directly or indirectly by the National Government.

Based on this context, through Resolution 064 of 2020, CREG made the following amendments to Resolution 058 of 2020: 

(i)     Financing rate: Commercialization Agents shall apply to residential users in strata 1 to 4 the lower value between: (i) the rate of the credits that the agent acquires for this financing; (ii) the preferential rate plus two hundred basic points, and (iii) the rate resulting from the compensation mechanisms that the Nation eventually provides directly or indirectly, or through bilateral or multilateral entities.

For the other regulated users, the lower value between: i) the rate of the credits that the agent acquires for this financing and, ii) the average between the preferential rate and the current banking interest rate shall be applied.

(ii)    Transitional Measures for Average Consumption Measurement: During the term of the State of Sanitary Emergency and when, due to the express prohibition of the users or due to causes beyond their control, the agent cannot carry out the measuring activity of the measurement equipment, it may carry out the measurement based on average consumption of other periods of the same subscriber or user.

The agent must demonstrate to the Public Utilities Superintendence that it has taken all necessary steps to carry out individual metering, and that the use of average consumption was not the result of its action or omission.

(iii)    Transitional measures for consumption and deferred payment in prepaid commercialization systems: For the duration of the Sanitary Emergency, for users who are part of a prepaid commercialization system, the 10% discount established in Article 1 of CREG Resolution 046 of 2012 is suspended, so that the entire value is used for electricity consumption. 

If the user requests it, the agent must guarantee the recharge of the corresponding energy for the months of May and June, taking as a reference the average of the last three (3) months of recharge made by the user.

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