CRC issues Resolution on Infrastructure Sharing

Through Resolution 7120 of 2023 (the "Resolution"), the Communications Regulatory Commission ("CRC") issues new regulations regarding infrastructure sharing. 


The Resolution defines the conditions, procedures, and relevant economic aspects to request access and use of poles and ducts owned by Telecommunications Networks and Service Providers ("TSNPs"), as well as the infrastructure of other services susceptible to be shared for the deployment of networks or the provision of telecommunications services ("Eligible Infrastructure").


The Resolution establishes that all TSNPs have the right to apply for and be granted access to and use Eligible Infrastructure for the deployment of networks or the provision of telecommunications services.


The sectors with Eligible Infrastructure and elements susceptible to sharing are the following:




Telecommunications sector

Poles, conduits (ducts, chambers, and inspection boxes).

Electric power distribution and transmission sector

Poles, towers, and conduits (ducts, chambers and inspection boxes) of electric power transmission and distribution networks.

Mass transportation systems sector

Space in mass transit system stations and pipelines.

Highway network sector

Poles, pipelines (ducts, chambers, and boxes) of road networks, strips or reserve zones under the terms of Law 1228 of 2008 or that which modifies, adds, substitutes or repeals it.

Urban sector

Street lighting poles, traffic signal infrastructure and transportation system stops.



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