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Learn about the infrastructure projects prioritized until 2026

Proyectos de infraestructura

The National Infrastructure Agency (ANI ) announced to the public the list of infrastructure projects that will be prioritized for structuring and bidding during the four-year term of the current government. 

The projects are focused on the railway, road, fluvial and airport sectors, as listed below:

Listado de proyectos de infraestructura

Source: ANI press release of 08-03-23

According to the national government, these projects seek to improve competitiveness and productivity levels, promote intermodality in the transportation system, and reconfigure the logistics chain by reducing associated costs.



Superintendency of companies was empowered to inspect foreign non-profit entities

Inspección entidades extranjeras

By means of a decree issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, non-profit entities (ESALES ), domiciled abroad, which carry out permanent operations in Colombia, were subject to inspection, surveillance, and control of the Superintendency of Companies. The measure seeks to ensure that the income of these entities complies with the purpose defined by their founders, by preserving and using it in accordance with the defined purpose.


Within the basis of the regulation is a concept of the Chamber of Consultation and Civil Service of the Council of State, in which a regulatory vacuum caused by the repeal of the regulation that expressly granted the power of inspection, surveillance and control over the ESALES to the Superintendency of Companies was evidenced. Consequently, the responsibility remained exclusively in the hands of the President of the Republic, by mandate of the Constitution, with the possibility of delegating such powers.


The decree did not provide specific guidelines on the procedure applicable to the exercise of these Powers. Therefore, it Will be subject to the general faculties attributed in previous regulations to the Superintendency of companies.



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