ANM reasume funciones

Through Resolution 271 of 2013, the National Mining Agency ("ANM") delegated to the Government of Antioquia the functions related to the processing and execution of concession contracts, as well as those monitoring and control functions that do not fall under the Ministry of Mines and Energy, regarding procedures within the jurisdiction of the Department of Antioquia.

The said delegation has been annually extended since 2013 until the issuance of Resolution 1141 of 2023, through which the ANM decided not to grant a new extension of the functions delegated to the Government of Antioquia and established that the Regional Service Point (PAR) of Medellin would assume the custody and management of the mining titles and files that were under the responsibility of the Government of Antioquia until December 31, 2023.

Consequently, trough Resolution 1140 of 2023, the ANM decided to temporarily suspend procedures and administrative actions related to the oversight of mining titles in Antioquia. This measure is part of the transition to reassume the functions as mining authority in the department. 

During the suspension, the consultation of files by individuals -including the titleholders- will not be allowed until complete information on the mining titles has been collected and reviewed by the ANM. This suspension will be effective from January 1 to April 1, 2024, and may be extended with proper justification by the ANM.

Despite this, mining titleholders must continue to fulfill their obligations and may submit requests and the ANM stated that the suspension does not prevent them from conducting inspections of mining titles or imposing mining safety measures.

For a more detailed understanding of these measures by the ANM to reassume its functions as the mining authority in Antioquia, refer to Resolution 1140 of 2023 and Resolution 1141 of 2023.

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