This guide provides an overview of certain critical aspects of current M&A dealmaking from the perspective of a highly qualifies experts in their field throughout the larger markets in Latin America, as well as from United States and Spain. This guide carries current topics and emerging trends in this complex and fast-moving environment of M&A.

Our M&A team participated, along with other leaders in the region, in the preparation of Latin Lawyer's M&A Guide – third edition, which includes an edited transcript of a roundtable discussion, which practitioners discussed regulatory changes that may impact deal making in the region, providing a useful detailed overview of the specific political and social landscape; and a chapter which provides a practical overview of M&A deals involving family-owned businesses, and the many particularities and complexities involved in such transactions.

Our partner Jaime Robledo was part of the Roundtable: The impact of political instability and social unrest on dealmaking in Latin America, while Sergio Michelsen, Darío Laguado and Ángela García wrote the chapter: Mergers and Acquisitions involving Family-Owned Targets.

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