Our multidisciplinary team has deep industry knowledge which enables world-class legal advice on regulatory, environmental, tax, labor, customs, and contractual aspects. We know and understand the mining sector, its legal framework, its participants, its challenges and needs, and the authorities that regulate it, which allows us to accompany our clients in the decision-making process and the execution of projects efficiently and sustainably, becoming an ally of legal services in the development of operations.

We offer legal and strategic accompaniment in mining projects given our extensive proven experience in all aspects of the Mining sector, including the most emblematic and challenging projects in the history of the country. This allows us not only to provide strategic advice but also creative and sophisticated solutions.

We have extensive experience advising mining projects and performing due diligence of mining projects, covering regulatory and compliance issues in order to resolve issues related to the title to concessions, the management and fulfillment of contract obligations, and the procedures to be carried out before government authorities.

We are permanently called upon to advise clients on their day-to-day operations. In addition, if the client so requires, we can act as legal project managers of the client's project, organizing and solving complex problems in short periods of time and cost-efficiently. Additionally, as part of our advice, we offer evaluation to the legal framework, the identification of commercial opportunities, and the acquisition of mining projects, as well as stakes in companies in the sector. 

We often work as co-counsel with leading international law firms advising clients in a variety of oil & gas matters, including cross-border acquisitions, project financings, capital markets transactions, as well as in the context of the resolution of disputes before international courts and arbitration panels.

Mining Tracker

As part of our advice to the mining sector in Colombia, we have developed Mining Tracker, a virtual platform that allows your company to review, in real time, the current status of mining proposals in analysis by the corresponding Mining Authority, as well as the mining concession contracts in operation. Learn here how this platform works.

Click here to see how the platform works

Legal framework
  • Matrix of Legal Framework.
  • Matrix of Contractual Obligations.
  • Advice on regulatory matters of the sector, including the analysis of international industry standards. 
  • Regulatory amendments and legal developments.
  • Representation before trade and business associations. 
Mining contracts
  • Preparation of files to request mining titles. 
  • Monitoring, management and control of Anna Minería
  • Monitoring, management and control of mining titles via Mining Tracker
  • Preparación de expedientes para solicitud de títulos mineros
  • Seguimiento, gestión y control de Anna Minería
  • Seguimiento, gestión y control de títulos mineros
  • Negotiation, management and execution of: 
    • Mining Titles. 
    • Contracts for the acquisition, assignment, and relinquishment of interest participations in mining titles. 
    • Service contracts of the mining industry such as: drilling, mobilization and/or maintenance of equipment, seismic, procurement, Works of mining infrastructure, off sites, design of underground and open-pit mines. 
  • Due diligence of mining projects.
  • Matrix of Legal risks and development of risk mitigation strategies.
  • Manual of Periodic Information – Formal Obligations.
Mineral trading
  • Registry in the Single Registry for Mineral Marketers – RUCOM – before the mining authority.
  • Advice on the mineral commercialization regime. 
Formalization and surveillance
  • Design of strategies to meet contractual obligations related to unauthorized mining operations in allocated areas.
  • Advice and support to mining companies in the preparation and development of surveillance visits, as well as in the reply to surveillance reports. 
Integral services
  • Corporate and tax structuring of the most efficient business vehicle to carry out activities in Colombia under the existing legal framework. 
  • Labor employment laws matters related to the hiring of staff for the execution of activities, including the immigration procedure and the outsourcing contracting schemes, temporary services of association employment cooperatives and independent contractors.
  • Negotiation of instruments for the acquisition of projects, companies and assets in the mining sector, including cross-border acquisitions. 
  • Due diligence of mining properties and mining projects.
  • Risk mitigation strategies associated with the activity, ownership, management and administration of mining contracts and assets, and the monitoring of procedures before government authorities. 
  • Obtaining and managing the environmental instruments necessary for the development of a sustainablele operation in line with the current legal framework.
  • Management of the environmental obligations derived from the environmental authorizations and/or specific requirements of the environmental authorities.
  • Design and development of compliance program (Fraud, AML/CFT, anti-bribery and anti-corruption).
  • Advice on the strategy for acquiring real estate assets.
  • Structuring of the acquisition of real estate assets. 
  • Title searches, including large-scale title searches with IT software developed internally by an allied company.
  • Customs procedures for the importation of goods, assets and equipment required for the operation, as well as the implementation of customs regimes that provide efficiency to operations. 





Mining tracker

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